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    i often show her listings for super rare markers like excalibur's and vikings, and Adrenaline Angels and such and say; "see honey, be glad that "collect" spyders instead of actual "collectable" markers..."

    that way my $30 spyder purchase looks like chump change compared to an $1,100 angel SB Joy...


    • DavidBoren
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      Ah, the art of using perspective to one's advantage.

      I suppose a healthy relationship comes with its own perspective... but they don't make memes about healthy relationships. Lol.

      Listen, Lady, I don't tell you how to spend your money... just assuming that both sides work these days, and she has what would be "her" money.

    Originally posted by Cdn_Cuda View Post
    D. Unless there’s a “I traded for it” option.
    This and "I've had it for awhile" have saved my bacon on more than a couple occasions. My wife gave up asking about new acquisitions long ago, though.
    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


      Early on my wife would actually get emotional about my buying and selling not because of the money but because she thought you picked a paintball gun and went and played paintball with it, I had to show her this place to get her to understand. Once she had the idea, she's always said if the bills are paid and she can do something she likes every now and then she doesn't care. I used to try to include her in my excitement but after 20 years I think she's pretty over it lol, when a package shows up at the door she just hands it over without even looking at it :P


      • Nxt1playr


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        I think mine is in the early stages of this.

      A, then D, then ask if you can "give the D". its magical how quickly being perverted will take all the heat off of PB gear. i mean you are still in trouble, but for different reasons lol


        The rule for me is if I buy something new I have to sell something old so that I don't become a hoarder.

        She doesn't look that close or track parts 😉

        One time she did see my credit card statement (I have a separate card I use for just paintball). In that situation Option D + Alcohol + "aggressive cuddles" made her forget what she saw pretty quickly but that could have gone south REALLY quick.