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Automag value

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    Automag value

    Hey fellas,

    So with everything going on, I'm getting strapped for cash and looking to offload some of my gear. Most of my stuff I've gauged the value on, but I'm unsure with my automag. What would be a reasonable asking price for this?

    RF classic mag, with Apocalypse paintball Springpheed, shorty barrel and a 10 or 12 inch barrel, bicycle grip, standard ASA. Working perfectly every time I've used it.

    Any input is helpful.

    It's hard to say. That's a pretty unique mix of parts.

    Basic classic Automags tend to go for $125-$150. The wood grips add about $50. And the brass barrel is a nice add. Maybe another $30 for for that. The Springpheed is also a head-scratcher. I love it, but it's not what most people want on an Automag, so you might be better off parting that out.

    If you want to sell it fast, I would post it for $200. But you could probably get $250 or more for it if you're willing to wait for the right buyer.
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    Let me make you something. I build pneumags, auto-response frames, and wooden pill cases.


      Think rawbutter has it about right, probably get more for the pieces you can part like the grips, pheed, and the bike grip is probably worth something to someone they're getting scarce i think


        Thanks guys. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but it's good to know.

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          I have a standard feed body you can have if it will help your sale...


            Man that’s a cool Mag with a cool looking feed setup. If it comes to being parted out I’ll take the body and spring feed off your hands.
            looks like it was done right.