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SP1 Not Firing...

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    SP1 Not Firing...

    I already posted this in the GoG/SP section in the armory, but I'm hoping for a wider audience here.

    When I first got this all stock gun used, I did a complete rebuild, and it shot almost perfect (2 or 3 of the 300+ shots I shot didn't fire when I pulled the trigger, but did when I pulled it again, which I chalked up to Bolt stick/fsdo).

    Yesterday I went to the field and it refused to fire at all. I would pull the trigger, and the solenoid would just chirp, it wouldn't even try to fire. I thought it might have been a low battery or a bad dwell setting, or even the humidity (it was spitting). I didn't want to fuss with it so I put it in my bag, and used a different gun.

    Today I tried fixing it, but to no avail. The dwell was on the preset HPA setting, multiple fresh batteries, and upping the reg pressure. When the bolt is forward, it shoots back upon being aired up, so the air is getting to the front of the bolt. I took the solenoid apart and cleaned it, and it moves when the trigger is pulled. Again, it doesn't even try to fire when gassed up and the trigger is pulled, no sounds of the noid switching or even trying to, just the noid chirping. I have a feeling there is either just not enough/no air behind the bolt, or it's not dumping the air in front of it.

    What do you guys think? Anyone had something similar?

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    Ok, with some help from my dad, I got it.

    My reg pressure was too high. The solenoid wasn't strong enough to overcome the air pressure.

    Basically the disc that sits in the noid is normally pushed up against the cap to seal the system under when it is aired up. When the solenoid energizes, the disk is pulled down, sealing the air shaft in the middle of the solenoid, stoping any more air from entering. When the disk is down, the air in the chamber in front of the bolt is vented out through the hole in the top of the solenoid cap, causing the air in the dump chamber to push the bolt forward until the seal is broken, and a ball is fired. When the solenoid de-energizes the air pressure pushes the sealing disk into the cap hole again, and the chamber in front of the fills with air, pushing it back for the next shot.

    Pretty basic stuff for some of you maybe, but all new to me. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.

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