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Possible to make a regulator seat at home?

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    Possible to make a regulator seat at home?

    Hey there,

    Wondering if anyone has made a regulator seat for a vertical fore-grip type reg? If so, would like to know what you used and how you were able to make one.

    I have a few regulators where the seats are going bad, (or will certainly go bad soon with age) and manufacturer parts are no longer available. The regs in question have what appear to be flat urethane discs for their seat on the top of the piston.

    Could you punch a polyurethane disc to replace one of these seats? If so anyone recommend a punch or where to buy different thicknesses of polyurethane?
    Other question would be if there is a good adhesive to attach a seat to piston.

    I'm reasonably handy with tools, though I don't have a full shop.

    Hoping to keep the original HPR regs in my 08 and 09 egos going strong.

    Thanks for any thoughts
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    You can find rubber sheets of various materials and thicknesses at McMaster Carr, and probably punches, too. I would think any of the industrial supply companies would have it. Try Grainger.

    Big Matt-Mad Customs used to punch 12 gram face seals; it's essentially the same thing as a reg seat
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      I think someone on the old MCB was working on seats for Ego regs.
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        I can make Ego 8 reg seals. 3 for $5.


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        #5 has some for most wgp, ff, and ID regs I believe. I threw and extra 3 on my last order, I think they were $3ea. Free shipping over $25.


          ^^ Good to know about the wgp stuff - that will be useful Still wish there was a source for PE regs