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Does anyone know who did Smart Parts annos?

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    Does anyone know who did Smart Parts annos?

    Like if you bought a Shocker with a splash or an Impulse with a fade, I am presuming it wasn’t in house if it wasn’t what company did those guns?

    I know PK selective did a lot of the splash annos back in the day. I don't know if they did SP guns but I know they were a big name.


    • Grendel


      Editing a comment
      That would be my guess too but who knows with the Gardeners who they used, I suppose you could try and contact them......? PK Select did great work for the paintball community back then but sadly no longer an option for us.

    I know PK Selective did at least some of their ano work.
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      Some of the guys from PK went on to open Arnold's Metal Finishing in Santa Clara California.

      If you want people literate in classic Smart Parts anno schemes they are a good bet.