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Tournament legal Autococker boards?

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    Tournament legal Autococker boards?

    Are there any alternatives out there for the SciFi board? I know the chip shortage has hit everybody but I’m ready to use my old Eblades in tournaments again lol. Anyone know of any alternative boards or options to make these things tournament legal? Thanks!

    you can use an e2 and adjust the timing to be able to get desired bps. I would check with the tournament though. local tourney wouldn't a guy use his for some dumb reason. (Your Inception Designs and Shocktech Dealer)
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      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to check if it’s NXL legal.


        To build off what superman said, it depends on how strict a tournament is on firing modes. If they just have a BPS cap that is one thing, but if they have a trigger pull rate or trigger pulls to kick on to ramp that is another. Old "Millenium" modes were 5 pulls and 5 pulls per second to kick in ramp and that is pretty close to what current NXL (and therefore most tournaments) rules dictate. Old "PSP" modes used a three-round burst type ramping which is really easy to tell the difference vs. a softer/harder straight ramp.


          So Millenium mode with the cap turned might just squeak by?


          • EvilCreature


            Editing a comment
            Check out what version of e2 you have as original e2 programming did not appear to have ramping, at least based on the manual I saw.

          I had this conundrum once... but ended up getting a sci fi board.

          The E2 or zeroB board have ramping in certain versions, and I think millennium ramp is legal by today's rules, as long as you cap ROF to 10.5. Note that semi is always a legal mode.

          I googled and found the following:


            Thanks! Gonna have to try and find an E2 or ZeroB board while I’m waiting on a scifi board!