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Freak Boring a Zeus G2

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    Freak Boring a Zeus G2

    I still have quite an affinity for the Zeus platform, but it's just not good with modern paint. Makes an already inefficient marker even more inefficient. Has anyone successfully gotten one of these bored for Freak inserts? If so, how much did it cost? Who did it?

    As I recall- and it's been a while since I fondled one- the Zeus had it's own proprietary thread barrel, and the OD was roughly that of a Phantom or Pro-Lite. (About 7/8" or so.)

    That's enough to Freak, though I don't know about the breech end.

    Another option would be to buy a small-bore barrel for something like a Spyder, 'Cocker or Phantom, and have it turned down and rethreaded to fit.

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      From whqt I can gather on the net. The barrels are essentially threaded tips no? They had a 1" barrel nubbin, and an 8" extension. Both of wich seem like they thread at the muzzle?

      So to really freak bore one properly you would want to be able to slip a freak insert into the body, then use the barrel to capture the freak?

      Otherwise it seems like you have roughly 4" of wide open barrel, then the ball has to make it into a freak insert on the fly.

      Ive never held one myself so I honestly have no clue, but thats what it seems like from my image searches.

      That being said it would be hard, but not impossible if you have enough length, the whole body would have to chucked in a lathe, and bored out enough to let a freak insert seat at the breach. Then you may or may not need to step the 1" nub barrel out, and or make a new barrel to add enough length to capture the insert.

      I could be way off here though as Doc would know much more than myself.


        Kit made one

        And as BrickHaus mentionned the body need to be machined not just the barrel extension


          Ya the body is the barrel, save for the "tip".

          Using "the tip" barrel front to lock in the freak insert is a pretty genius idea.


            I have most of a Zeus if you want another for spare parts. I'll let it go cheap. Also have a bunch of Mags for it


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              Is it Warsensor, or Armotech? G1, or G2?