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Need help fixing Walther SG68

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    Need help fixing Walther SG68

    I recently got a Walther SG68, or some variation of it (Seriously, it's like every company made their version, Umarex and Rap4 specifically) and I am currently fixing it. However, I have hit an issue with one of the parts of the mechanism.

    Some context for those who've not seen this before, internally it's a phantom/nelson valve marker with a underfed feed tube. It actually feeds really well, but it's very over-engineered, and not for great reasons. I suppose being a Real Action Marker (RAM) means every part added makes it that much more suitible as a training aid but damn they really had fun here.

    Anyway, there's a lever here that's in none of the various model manuals (I've checked the Umarex version and I've seen blurry glimpses of the Rap68 one). This lever prevents the system from being primed in it's current state. It catches against the pump arm plate; the only way to bypass it is to pull the trigger while pumping or pulling it out the way. I assume it's a lock to prevent loading two shots? it kinda seemed to fit in the corner of the pump arm plate but it only goes high enough to catch it.

    Click image for larger version

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    One idea is it's some part of an autotrigger, but it still doesn't explain the fact it won't let me chamber the next shot like normal. I don't really want to just take it out, I am not sure if I can given how this system is so complex. I am debating filing the edges away but figured I'd ask the pros and see if anyone knows what this is.

    In short, does anyone know what this lever does, if it does it's job right and I'm just being dumb, and which company added it?