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98's blowing o-rings /seals

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    98's blowing o-rings /seals

    98's blowing o-rings /seals
    I have 4 project customized 98's and each one has blown an o-ring, Teflon tape seal and or inner valve.
    I sealed up the plumbing in each case with Teflon tape.I used CO2 from a remote line for testing and I think the CO2 caused the leakage.

    any advice appreciated

    98s should handle co2 without issue. If the valves are older and have never been rebuilt, the o rings are probably gummy and ruined and there will be a constant major leak down the barrel. The cup seals are pretty durable and can be flipped over if there is embedded debris that ruined the sealing face. There are videos on YouTube about how to rebuild the Tippmann CVX valve but until you figure out the right touch and tool that works for you to get the flat inner diameter retainer spring out it can be pretty frustrating.


      i just spent 1-2 hrs using teflon on fittings.
      Test on the field tomorrow.
      I regret selling my 30lb co2 tank

      I never had this problem with other 98 projects


        It’s hard to tell what you actually did to these things. The air line attaches to the bottom of the valve body when it’s in the lower tube assembly. That should be straight forward.

        if it’s been a while, you’re now dealing with older guns and the inner o rings need to be replaced on all of em that haven’t been replaced yet. They’re just aging out.


          Iit was the teflon tape and parts shifting