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JT masks

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    JT masks

    Hey all wondering if anyone can tell me if these are the older mask with the softer more flexible material or newer with the harder. I am a fan of the older ones.

    I have sent an email to the post with questions for clarification.
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    I’m not up on the generational difference of the Elite line. But Keep in mind those take elite lens. They can be hard to find especially thermal ones. They are not collectable like the Spectra. Still great masks but keep in mind they are pretty much a dying / dead line for JT. It’s going to become progressively harder to find replacement parts. Realistically they last a long time tho that’s back when things were still made to last so maybe less important then you would think.

    The “Head shield” masks are all hard aren’t they. Those are the ones that cover the back of your head and everything. Hard to beat the coverage on them. But they can get hot and it’s difficult to run a head wrap with them so you lose the sweat wicking ability of good head gear.


      The Headshield ones are a smaller and worse version of the Flex8 full head coverage mask. I picked one of the Headshield ones up cheap at Walmart when my son first tried playing. It is small, the lens is smaller than a Spectra lens and we weren't very happy with it. We picked up a Flex 8 to replace it the next year.
      BigRed's feedback


        I had a busy that used to play with the headshield. He liked it. It's all hard, no soft rubbery bits. But it has a helmet attachment that covers your dome. So I guess that's cool. It's sort of like a budget Flex 8 headshield.

        The X-Fire on top is an excellent mask. The rubber bottoms are soft and flexy, but not too soft like some of the Flex 7's can be. But it offers FULL face coverage. Forehead, jaw line, your entire ear/temple section, etc. It's a bulky mask, but still relatively lightweight and offers all kinds of protection.