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Brass I'd and price please

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    Brass I'd and price please

    I have 8 brass 4 PGPs and 4 PMI/P68s. Could I get a model on p series, and prices. NONE HAVE BEEN TESTED. One has Cooper t. I know the bottom left is p68sc. Others om not 100% sure on. PGPs 1 is Benjamin Sheridan. Others just Sheridan. Not into brass. Going to list on BST tomorrow. Ebay prices all over the place. Not much on MCB BST. Also have kp2 might wait to see if market comes back on it.

    Last time I bought brass was like 25 years ago. Bought out a closed field. 25 markers, tanks, hoppers, masks for 25 each. Sold at flea market for 50 each. Wish I had them now.
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    Four pgp's , a pmi2, a p68sc, a p12 and the oddball with the red asa is a p68 at missing the AT box with some coopert and taso upgrades


      Your slacking. 11 minutes this time. Only took 3 minutes on nickel 007. I knew you would be the first to answer. Thank you very much. You're awesome. Now we need a value to list.


        AnarchicArctic Brassy stuff


          PGP are usually around $100 sometime a little more if in good condition and working
          ( I found 3 at pawn shop and local craiglist for usually around $40... since they dont know what they are selling)

          P68SC long barrel is worth more around $180-$200

          In general rubber grip and speed demon bolt/copper T will bring a little more because they are more sough after.

          Brass price vary a lot recently so I might also be off on some price...


          • JeepDVLZ45


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            The last P68SC I picked up a few months ago (in very good shape) was for $135, there was another a couple months ago that sold for either $120 or $150 (can't remember, but i remember it being within about $15 of mine, just don't know which way)

          Pricing brass is weird lately. Pgp's and the other stock class pistols tend to be the most stable.


            A little late to the party, but I put this together after the rebirth for ID:
            Hello MCB Now Vintagerex is out, we lost a good way to ID different models. I put together this for myself over the years (lots of it came from Vintagerex), thought you might like it. I only uploaded 1 “picture” per gun, sometime is just a picture, sometime an add, I tried to get something interesting that would also show
            Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

            XEMON's phantom double sided feed
            Keep your ATS going: Project rATS 2.0
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              $100 for a pgp is solid, especially considering they are untested. There’s a reason the ones on eBay are listed for $150+ and sit and sit.

              Are the pgp’s p series or pa series? it’s stamped on the lower tube, left side.


                Xemon. I looked at your thread before I posted. Wasn't in front of markers, so was trying to flip screens to compare pics. Plus I needed prices


                  3 pgp are p series. The Benjamin Sheridan is a pa. Grips even say Benjamin Sheridan. Rest just have a S on grips


                    What's the difference between the p series and pa series PGPs. I have 1 of each in excellent shape, other 2 in ok shape. Got a box of 12 grams to start testing


                    • AnarchicArctic


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                      P series is usually the older classic valve. PA series have the newer cartridge valve

                    Generally, the P-Series will use the older style valve the requires a Sheridan valve tool to remove. The PA series uses the later Cartridge style valve that just slides into the tube.

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                    RuleOfSines Feedback


                      What would you guys say the value of a fully functional, rebuilt and polished pgp is?

                      .... Asking for a friend....

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                      • netsurferdude2


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                        $100-120 for a working PGP.
                        $80-100 for untested .

                      Listed pgps, will get others listed. I've been swamped and want to give a honest listing if there are any issues with markers. Unless someone offers me stupid money, every Marker will go to bst to make it fair