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Planet Eclipse EMC and PWR stock comparability

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    Planet Eclipse EMC and PWR stock comparability

    Looking at a project build involving an EMC kit and a PWR stock. Not having the opportunity to see any in person, just want to confirm they work together. I want a stock that will raise the marker closer to eye level or a point where I could potentially use a sight (red dot or something).

    I’m basically pondering a Lobgbow-style build using an Emek (or mg100) base.
    Cuda's Feedback

    I believe they are. Even if it doesn't the EMC kit comes with a drop stock adapter so you can add whatever Tippmann 98 stock you like. I'd recommend something short and collapsible because the length of pull is pretty long.

    Also here is a picture of a longbow MG100:


    • Cdn_Cuda


      Editing a comment
      That’s pretty much exactly what I want to do. Although be nice to get a better mag that the Spec Ops one.

    Thanks, that’s very helpful! I’m a T-Rex, so want to make sure I can reach the trigger.
    Cuda's Feedback