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SL-68 II - gen 2 I think

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    SL-68 II - gen 2 I think

    I have two SL-68 IIs (second gen). I brought these bad boys outta storage when COVID hit, had Classic Paintball in Atlanta service it. But there still seems to be a problem. One of the reasons I love this marker is bc of the anti-double feed feature, but it is broken on one my guns. The tech at Classic Paintball did not even know the SL-68s had this feature, and I'm hoping that someone here would be able to help.

    On the one that works, if i pump the handle, i cannot pull the handle back again until i pull the trigger. The broken one will double feed all day, it never locks. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

    I can't seem to find anything online, mcb experts you're my last hope!