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Barrels, who made them

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    Barrels, who made them

    Anyone have information on these 3 barrels. I really like the look of the raw one. Was hoping it was cocker but seem to be spyder. They fit my sterling.

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    The silver one looks like a stock JT barrel. Top dust one looks like the new Spyder stock barrel.


      The silver is the stock barrel from a Brass Eagle Eradicator, the other two I'd venture to guess are the stock barrels from other stbbs.

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        they all look like spyder threads...

        the dust black does look like a newer spyder barrel.
        the gloss black is probably not from a spyder. i dont think spyder ever had a non-ported barrel.
        the silver is probably a BE or VL


          Dust black is off the newer Spyder Sonix, unported black is off of a 32 Degrees Rebel 02 Bottomline, and the silver is unported unlike the stock Brass Eagle Eradicator barrel as mentioned above making it from a Viewloader Triad. All Spyder threads as mentioned above. :-)