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Mokal Aura Blowback?

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    Mokal Aura Blowback?

    I know Mokal for the inline blowbacks like the Mirage and Titan, and that Spyder clone , but I didn't realize they also made a electro sear tripper blowback !

    Are these any good?

    Are spyder parts compatible?

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    I think this is/was a FASOR like an em1/legend/bko


      No, these were straight up sear-tripper goodness. Not FASORs. I remember wanting one pretty badly, because I'm a sucker for blowbacks. But I couldn't find them anywhere.

      They eventually released a spoolie called the Aurora, or Aura, or whatever, which made things confusing. What I can remember about the blowbacks is that they were a definite step above what Kingman and others were putting out. Some compared the shit quality to Eteks and the like. But I never got my hands on one.

      Do a site: search in Google, and you'll find a lot of old chatter about these.


      This is a straight up sear tripper blow back.

      Good quality.

      Probably not very spyder compatible.

      I still want one cuz im an idiot like brokeassballer.

      Not really worth 150 when an an etha 2 is like 300 dollars but, still cool. Can't compare $ for $ anymore when it comes to electros though, can you.


        The hammer uses a U cup seal like on the Fokus. Slim Spyder hammers may or may not work (Lower tube is 11/16 nominally, just the exact dimensions may be too loose or tight for a different hammer and the sear engagement surface might be in a different position).

        The valve body shouldn't have an issue, but it has one of those loooong cupseals like on Azodins so I don't know how spring sizing might differ.

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          It was a low pressure blowback with an electro frame with ramping modes. it was marketed as entry level in the days where everyone was trying to shoot 20bps. didnt go well in the hands of inexperienced players.
          Its built really well. no Spyder compatible parts. Mokal never copied parts from other guns. it is Cocker threaded.
          I pumped mine. It shoots great.


            I was the eBay seller on this, picked it up in a local lot with a Shocker NXT, the seller was pretty fond of it saying it was his first marker. Seems to be a sear tripping blowblack, but I never actually took it apart to check or put air into it to test it.

            I couldn’t find much info about it online aside from this page

            and some YouTube videos of kids shooting them in their backyard, that all had comments of people saying “that’s not a Mokal Aura”

            the milling really reminded me of an 06 Ego.

            Weird thing is, once you put the battery in, the board turns on, then you use the button to turn Safety on/off.. and it has eyes. I really just clicked the solenoid a few times then put it up on eBay and accepted the first offer I got on it

            hope the new owner gets some use of it