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Virtue Clock W/ 9V

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    Virtue Clock W/ 9V

    So I know that it will work and be a little loose but has anyone run into any issues with using a 9 volt batteries in their Virtue Clock? I know that it requires the 4 AA batteries and will last longer with that but i am not using it a ton so length of time does not bother me much. The only thing that has me slightly concerned is that 4 AA batteries can carry more current than 1 9 volt battery.

    Id be more concern about the voltage, 4AA will be at 6v ...
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      XEMON you are 100% right I have no clue what I was thinking that 4 AA = 9V. 1.5 x 4 = 6 not 9. I think the voltage regulator on it can accept it but it will likely hurt it over time. I will change it out immediately. Thank you.


      • XEMON


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        No problem 👍
        If you have extra room in there there might be room for a small boardless circuit ...