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Half Block Sled too thick

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    Half Block Sled too thick

    So I bought this Stanchy Half Block bolt and Sled kit for my recent halfblock build.

    Get your autococker halfblock kit in a one stop shop!Choice of Open Face or Soft Tip BoltDelrin Halfblock SledAluminum Halfblock (short) PinThis kit is designed to work with any 3.200" x .900" Machined autococker buildWe will be releasing a halfblock guide to fit our kit!DIY MID AND HALFBLOCK GUIDE

    .....and it doesn't fit

    The Half Block sled is too thick. You can see with the sled flush with the body, the bolt does not align with the top hole.

    My autococker body does look like it was a home brew job. Did they not measure twice, cut once perhaps!? Or is this defective part from Stanchy? The first hypothesis seems more likely.

    To use this bolt and sled, it looks like I'll need to take a file to the sled and take some material off.

    Any tips and tricks to do this cleanly, without making the Sled too fugly in the process?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bolt fit.JPG
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    Cheers, M7

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    Given the body cut is raw, i would go that route first ...

    Do you know anyone with a mill?
    This would probably only takes a few minutes to setup and thin down a few thou.
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      The sled is finished. The body isn't. Easy decision here - have the body milled to fit the sled. If you want to do it yourself then look into manual lapping.
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        Lol, I literally just fixed my midblock sled from them an hour ago. The width was too wide and the hole would not line up with the slot in the bolt.

        I used a dremel with a round sanding end and put it on the lowest speed. I just slightly sanded it down and then checked it. I literally stopped and checked it like 15 times before it was perfect. I am a better safe than sorry kind of guy.

        I am not saying that was the best way to do it, but it worked and looks perfect, so I am happy. The delrin came off pretty easily and it is very smooth.

        Good luck!


        • Meleager7


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          Could you post up a pic of the modded sled?

        • shooter311


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          I'll post it below, since I don't know how to post pics in comments.

        There isn't a standard for half blocks.... It's all home brew. Mixing "production parts" with bubba's home made halfy cuts you are going to have to measure and modify something.

        As said....tweak the body it's raw already.


        • Roger7pball


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          Warped Sportz half block wasn't home brew, but I agree there isn’t a standard.

        • Ecapnation


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          There's is the least standard in other areas though

        Pics of my half block led. I also rounded off the corners too, not sure if that makes a difference, but I liked the look better. I'll also post a pic from SSC what it looked like when it came in.

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