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mokal mirage repair....................

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    mokal mirage repair....................

    mokal mirage repair...i am wondering about servicing these. problem 1 -hammer springs are worn causing low velocity - aroung 230 fps.
    Springs are hard to replace.
    Problem 2:Special difficult t0 Find o-rings.

    I recently rebuilt a Mirage (screw in barrel one), I don't remember their being any odd orings. My standard o-ring kit had all the ones I needed. I t was a super easy rebuild.

    Springs might just be a trial and error thing. I am sure it is designed to be 850psi CO2, and HPA tanks tend to be less. You could try shimming the spring as a quick fix until you find a replacement.


      "could try shimming the spring as a quick fix"
      I tried shimming with very small washers and they interfered with re cocking. The hammer o-ring has a grove in the face that flares when gun fires.


        i hoarded the mokals so hopefully i can get some parts.

        like the blue one...

        When it comes to selecting Buna vs. Viton for your sealing applications, material needs will be determined by its intended application.
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          That style spring seal is actually really common in hydraulic and steam applications. Might be able to source something usable through an industrial supplier.

        It's a U cup seal. I'd imagine it's just an off the shelf part. With that said, there are different types of U cup seals and I'm not sure on the differences between them or how they're measured. I have a Mokal Fokus that also used a U cup seal on the hammer and I was able to replace it with a 111 oring.

        Given that you're a Mokal fiend, would you happen to have a Powerfeed Fokus that you'd be interested in parting with?

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          you happen to have a Powerfeed Fokus? SORRY NO JUST MIRAGES

        Last I saw and heard from MOKAL, there are no parts anymore. That was ten years ago. You are at the phase of the marker's life where you should start looking for substitutes for obsolete parts, OR look into making the parts.



          It’s been awhile since I rebuilt a mirage but like Toestr’s experience, I think I was able to just use a solid regular oring on the hammer to get it to recook just fine. Make sure the side air-choke screw is backed out as far possible without it falling out to get maximum velocity out of the spring you have. Not sure what diameter hammer springs they take



            "the side air-choke screw"

            I Thought these screws were to retain the valve. thanks-this opens opportunities


              whats the purpose of the blue hollowed out orings?