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True ANS X-2 Full Rebuild Kit

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    True ANS X-2 Full Rebuild Kit

    I have several ANS X-2 regulators. None of which work. I rebuild one to realize it was leaking out of the over pressure blow off of the main piston. I bought a Full rebuild kit from ANS. Well once it came in I realized it doesn't have the Polyurethane disk in the main piston. Of course this is the problem in all of the regulators I have.

    I contacted support and it was going back and forth and once I pointed out directly their kit is incomplete they stopped responding.

    Where can I get a true rebuild kit, or at least the Polyurethane disk?


    Screen shot of the disk from a Youtube rebuild video (it is the yellow one)

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      How close is an automag bumper


        My official answer is that the reg piston is set to an a specific blow off and should not be tampered with.
        Assuming you will test the blow off pressure and make sure it does blow off and not cause injury.... sending you a pm. (Your Inception Designs and Shocktech Dealer)
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        I buy Automags and Mag Parts also.


          Originally posted by Chuck E Ducky View Post
          How close is an automag bumper
          The issue is all of mine are complete gum. I have to scoop them out with a pick. I actually tried one, and it fits from a diameter perspective, but it seems way thicker than the original (based off the video). I probably could use it to seal it, and negate the whole blowoff feature. It would be nice to just get a replacement.


            I do not suppose that is close to the air america HPA seat that immortal air sells and probably silly question could the automag bumper or AA HPA seat be sanded to meet the required thickness?
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              The vent is to prevent dangerously high velocities if the reg creeps/gets liquid CO2 past (in Automags anyway, given that this can be used on anything then the vent pressure for this could very well be the operating pressure for whatever you're using). There's a burst disk in the event of a catastrophic overpressurization.

              If you're going to use this in a sweetspotted poppet valve'd gun you don't need the vent since it will just lower the velocity if the pressure creeps.

              You could use an Automag piston (you may need to use an AGD seat and pin as well).

              You could also put a vent in the gauge port for the reg. The ones from an Impulse/MaxFlo vent at like 200psi, but I'm sure there are ones available that vent higher.