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Pump Kit for 2k3

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    Pump Kit for 2k3

    I just started playing pump last year. I've got an Empire Sniper. I am considering a pump kit for my 2k3 Autococker for a second pump marker. What's the best bang for the buck pump kit that is currently available/in stock? Thanks.

    Slice kit from


      Slice kit and ID Genesis or Drift kit are pretty much your only options now. I’ve used all 3 of those and the best bang for your buck in my opinion is the ID Genesis pump kit for $50
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        Check out my pump kit round-up. Covers the bases well.

        UPDATE May 29, 2923. Will be adding an Inception Genesis kit to the mix. Over the next little while I'm going to be doing a pump kit comparison looking specifically Sniper pump kits. If you have questions please let me know or comment on a post. Disclosure: I had paid for all of these kits myself, have no connection to any
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          Thank you. Nice write up.

        CCM if you can A. find one and B. pay a premium. Otherwise I'd go Slice.
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