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Does TM40 mech operate identical to CVO shocker?

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    Does TM40 mech operate identical to CVO shocker?

    I had an RSX shocker converted to mech, and like the CVO shocker it would chamber from a close bolt. Does the TM40 behave the same way?

    They're both open bolt...

    But no, they do not operate the same. The solenoids serve a different role and the bolt assemblies operate differently.


      I got a CVO, and like the GOG eNMEy and RSX with Mech Frame, the bolt is open. When the trigger is pulled the bolt moves forward and closes the breech and a paintball fires. The trigger needs to be released for the bolt to return back to open (so a ball can fall into the breech).

      Does the TM40 (or Luxe X with TM40 manifold) with Mech Frame operate return the bolt to the open position after a paintball fires without releasing the pull-backed trigger? This would mean it is similar to Planet Eclipse mech markers?


        You seem to be confusing two different things.

        Open vs Closed bolt refers to where the bolt is when at rest. The vast majority of guns are open bolt; where the marker breech and bolt are opened when idle. To fire, the bolt advances the next-loaded ball into the barrel then releases air to fire it in one swift motion, afterwards the bolt opens up to accept the next round automatically. See Ego animation:

        The only modernish closed bolt guns you see today are autocockers, pumps, and Nova's (sorta), where the marker rests idle with a ball already advanced into the start of the barrel and its breech is in the forward/closed position. When firing, the loaded ball is immediately propelled, the bolt/breech opens to load the next round, and the bolt then closes to complete its cycle. See autococker animation:

        The trigger controlling the bolt though is a function of design of different guns drivetrains. Gonna super simplify this cause I can't find animations for some of these.

        The eNMEy, RSX, and CVO, along with mech ion's are all the same basic Ion-derived guts. They're somewhat similar to an autococker in that the trigger directly controls the dwell of the bolt. So a slow or half pull can result in an incomplete cycle, and holding the trigger will keep the air flowing to hold the bolt in the forward firing position, just like holding a trigger on an autococker keeps the 3-way open holding the bolt back. I couldn't find a good animation for these guns unfortunately.

        The Luxe X/TM40 are heavily based on the Eclipse Gamma core guns, the DSR shares similar DNA as well. The Shocker Amp also uses a gamma core design, which is why it doesn't operate like the CVO. All those guns are dwell-insensitive and self-timing, meaning, once the bolt cycle is tripped by the trigger, it completes the cycle regardless of external forces. So you can hold the trigger down as long as you want but it doesn't affect the cycle of the bolt at all. This Gtek animation is kind of small but hopefully kind of gives you the idea:

        Imped can come along and correct my technical fallacies lol


        • Hp_lovecraft


          Editing a comment
          Excellent info- I'd only say that pumps are neither open or closed bolt. The terms refer to semi and full-auto operation.
          While a pump might appear to be "closed bolt" at rest, you could also carry the pump around with the bolt open, and "slam fire" every shot. Would the pump be an open-bolt in that use? Thats why the terms don't really work. Then again, would the splatmaster be an open-bolt pump, even though it has no bolt or pump? lol