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Mech Spoolie Question

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    Mech Spoolie Question

    Lately I've been giving some thought into buying one of these new mech spool valve guns, but I do have a concern. Does the speed in which the trigger is pulled affect velocity, and will it leak air if the trigger is pulled slowly and/or held back (I know this is the case with the enmy). I'm used to squeezing triggers on actual firearms, so I would like something that I can feel familiar with, without having sacrificing efficiency or performance.

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    I shot my buddy's Emek the last time I was out. The (factory) trigger pull was softer & longer than I expected, but it fired at the same point in the pull w/no leaking or hissing or any of that. The ID Fang trigger & DW hAir valve can get the pull down to a few millimeters of travel if you want something similar to a firearm.
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      The trigger pull on an Emek fully resets itself so it's really difficult to shortstroke it. The eNMey holds back the bolt when the trigger is held back and resets upon release (kind of like a cocker) so it's easier to short-stroke. I personally prefer the feel of the eNMey, but from what you're describing it sounds like an Emek would be better for your uses.
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        Both eNMeys and Emeks (or Gmeks for that matter) are closed volume, meaning that the duration the trigger is held does not affect how much air leaves the barrel.