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2k4 Black magic apprasial?

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    2k4 Black magic apprasial?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Right.JPG
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    So, back in 2012 I picked this guy up locally because it was soooooo pretty. Since then I have held it, looked at it... admired it..... and never completed it. Now I think it's time to start culling equipment I don't actually use, ever. I have done some looking around but Black Magics haven't really been up for sale lately so I'm asking the hive mind for its opinion. I'm going to tear it down and rebuild it, so it will go up for sale fully functional, with the factory beavertail as well.

    Thank you.

    That is pretty, my favorite colors on a marker. These things seem to be all over the map. If it's as clean as it looks and you had it dialed in i would probably list it for maybe $400 but realistically sell in the 350 range.


      Not working, no "BM" bolt/cocking knob/block pin I would say closer to $300 should be a quick sale. Seems like cocker prices have leveled back towards reasonable as of late.


        Never knew these had flames on the feedneck. Great colour combo too! Aim for a higher price and drop down if need.
        Cuda's Feedback


          I would agree $350 to $400 range as a start and reduce after

          I owned two of those, none of which had flame on the feedneck
          I would assume its a removable feedneck which is a plus for value. Also, its not drilled, ano is nice and still have the jewel

          Would be a sweet pump with not much work


            Yes, indeed the feedneck is removeable. Thank you for the responses, Gents. Much appreciated.