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Volumizer for BL Millenium

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    Volumizer for BL Millenium

    Hello MCB folks, I picked up an old PTP Spyder volumizer for my Millenium project and it won't thread in properly. A shame, because I love the knurling. Anyone know what's up with it not threading in? I thought Spyder parts would be compatible.

    It could just be an unlucky stack up of tolerances, and or a burr on the threads.

    Any witness marks on the threads indicating a burr? You can try to take a thread file to them and clean something up if so. But I'm willing to bet the ptp part is a hair big.

    I can say, I have a few items that just don't work together. prime example. I bought a docs shorty gas thru grip to go on my double barreled ion. My ion sits on an ans ion frame. They won't thread together. But the grip works on plenty of other ASAs. The ion frame takes other regs, but has shown issues with more than the docs grip. I assume the frame threads are just tight for spec.

    I also have a ptp micro mag body. Should be autococker threads. I can put many cocker barrels on it, but not my APP barrel which would look dope on it. App barrel threads into just about everything else cocker threaded I have. I just assume ptp is on the bottom most tolerance for the barrel thread dimensions, while the app is at the max of theirs.


      I have 2 Dye SS Raptor barrels. One of them threads on no problem, the other wouldn't thread on even half way. I sent it off to BMC and he chased the threads for me, now it works perfect.
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      • BrickHaus


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        What did a re chase run ya?

      • wthomas333


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        That was awhile ago and I sent it in with a bunch of barrels I was getting bored. So honestly I’m not sure. It was just kinda part of the total cost. He may not have even charged for it because of everything else I had sent him. Individually I would image it to be less than he charges for a bore or re-thread.

      Hm maybe I can just chase those threads myself. Anyone know the size and pitch of Spyder volumizer threads?


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          from what i remember, spyder used something "close" to the norm. it will thread most of the may and maybe seal it, but it wont thread all the way in.

          "The threads are 3/4-16... the "standard" equivalent to what Spyder used. Which is 19.5 metric threads, I believe" - sourced from a 2020 thread.

          maybe someone can verify.


            For my Millenium, I just threw the volumizer in a vice and used brute force to spin the body on. It would only screw in about 30% initially.

            Now it screws in and unscrews correctly and seals up perfectly.


            • scottieb


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              Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

            you can buy a single tap and/or die on ebay with the correct thread size... just saying.

            you can clean/chase the stock treads or even persuade the volumizer threads to fit.

            this is more DOC's thing lol