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Where can I find a Sheridan RG-1 Rebuild Kit?

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    Where can I find a Sheridan RG-1 Rebuild Kit?

    Here's the manual. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you what size the o-rings are. I'm using it with HPA, so I can get away with Buna. Can anyone help a brutha out?
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    Pretty sure DocsMachine is who you seek...Recreating ancient seals.
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      I wrote up a how-to rebuild for one of them back on the old MCB with all the mcmcaster carr P/Ns. Let me see if I can find it.


        Whoa that was easy. Found it on the wayback machine.

        I took apart my leaky Sheridan RG-1 reg to see if I could replace the seals. These things aren't really widespread or used often but I wanted to put

        Front Oring: 012
        3x Rear Orings: 006
        6x Belleville washers: .500" OD, .255" ID, .021" Thickness, .037" Height​


        These worth rebuilding? I think I have one in my bins.


        • netsurferdude2


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          I used one for years on my vector until I modified the valve. Great compact regs but a little starved during rapid fire. I don't think they are worth much. Maybe $35-$50.

        • Brokeass_baller


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          I picked mine up for either $25 or $30 from a user here. Worked great until it sprang a leak. I use it on my Vortex magfed gun. It has the Techt Zero Kick and lightened valve spring. It won't recock at bottle pressure, but works great with this little guy.

          I'm actually thinking about buying two more and doing the same for my other 2 blowback magfeeders. My Tornado (X7 Classic), and I think I can use the Spyder ZK in my 468. The striker looks identical to my other slim Spyder striker, but I haven't broken out the calipers yet to verify.

        Yep, I have seals on had, same one as used in the Equalizer. I don't have a full set of O-rings, but you can get those anywhere.

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