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do you think this azodin vasa would fit on a cocker?

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    do you think this azodin vasa would fit on a cocker?

    I found this on anusgear for $14

    I'm thinking that it should fit, it's milled thin at the top so the timing rod should be able to fit past. Might have to drill out the mounting hole. has anybody tried mounting one on a cocker before?

    Click image for larger version

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    For $14 it’s probably worth a try


      I have one in purple. It won't work as is for an autococker. With the port hole being drilled left to right instead of front to back. When I eye balled it, it didn't have enough meat for milling the slot.


        I think it will the way those are designed they sandwich an o-ring on top just like the autococker design so I don't see that it matters that the holes are drilled side to side instead of front to back

        Even if that is a problem I don't see why you wouldn't be able to drill your own holes

        My biggest fear would be that because the azodin uses an o-ring as a round ring the autococker body might be too thin and you might see leaking outside because the o-ring will not seal but honestly I doubt that would be the case and at $14 I would try it as well

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          Im going to give it a shot, sounds like worst case I'll have to use it on a sniper, drill it, and swap an oring or perhaps get nasty and put some silicone on it.


            You can mount it on a sniper as is, the trouble is getting a timing rod slot without breaking thru the port. The reason the side to side port is trouble.


              Anything is possible with enough tools