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First Strike T15 Full Auto

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    First Strike T15 Full Auto

    this vid of a T15 shooting full auto is exactly the BPS I would set one to if I owned a T15...... !

    I´m just testing my new Full auto from First strike.Thank you First Strike I am very happy :D

    This vid has made me curious, how does the full auto trigger group pull off the full auto effect? I saw a tech video that there is small adjuster screw on top of trigger assembly but I'm not sure how its accomplished the different rates of fire?

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    Product in this VideoFirst Strike Full Auto Kit: Strike T15 Magfed Marker: inquiries email us:media@def...

    Any ideas?
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    Meleager7 Feedback:

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    Second, you suck at reading comments. Jk, I’m bored at work 😜

    “Once the full auto is installed there is a hole . use an L key to open it or close it to calibrate de full auto. Just be gentle”


    • Meleager7


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      I'm more curious mechanically how it makes the gun go full auto ?

    • BrickHaus


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      It's an old concept most of us have all disregarded. The full auto kit on a t15 is a well packaged tippmann response trigger kit fitted onto a modern milsim ICD Alley Cat. Simple af. Blow back gas dumps into a piston and resets the trigger. There is a metered out flow control that allows you to bleed air off faster or slower. Let air out faster= faster rof. But the faster you go, the more you need to be trigger disciplined to make it work.

    P.S. he’s got it set to “10bps”.


      #4 way as an M16, just designed as to not be interchangeable for obvious reasons. They didn’t reinvent the wheel. Look into how a M16 auto sear functions. The screw probably restricts the reset time. But it’s got a sear, that’s not gonna be a complicated device.


        Meleager7 if you feel like aquiring one, I have one that is about to go up for sale, no full auto kit though.
        "but we all have electros and you guys only have pumps, this wont be fair"

        (chuckling quietly) "we know"

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