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Illusion value?

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    Illusion value?

    I've been looking for an Illusion casually, but it's been a decade since I bought or sold one.

    I know the stock feeds were highly sought after prior to the Empire and CCM releases of their own; I remember the guns themselves were more reasonable.

    Anyone know what going rate is now? I'm trying to decide whether to keep the dream alive or put the cash towards something else.
    Nelspot/CCI Sears and Triggers
    Action Markers Valves

    I think one just sold recently and very quickly for around the $300 range with the SC feed. I don't remember them bringing a lot of money comparatively. From what I understand they are one of the more efficient cocker style platforms for 12g play. I wouldn't mind snagging one myself if one came up complete.


      It's hard to remember for sure but I think I bought mine from Johnnydread for around $250 or so. Definitely mid to high 200 range I'd say. More like $300-350 with the stock class feed.


        Johnny dreads Illusion is the first one I ever seen or shot. That thing shot good! They don't come up often.


          They're definitely a rare bird these days which is why when Johnny posted his I was all over it. Always wanted one when they came out but couldn't swing it mowing lawns.

          They're definitely not a gun I would seek after for performance as they for sure have a worse pump stroke than almost any sniper and really aren't all that efficient compared to a sniper or phantom...but they have old school cool going for them.


          • Carlito[


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            I completely disagree about the pump stroke. Mine is very light and super smooth.

          • gabe
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            It's not bad...but then go and shoot a CCM or just about any sniper with a good pump kit and LP springs and it gets put to shame. It's for sure better than most other high pressure sprung guns though.

          I was under the understanding it wasn’t bad efficiency wise when you run them on 12g. Is that not the case? I feel like just about any sniper platform max out at about 30shots to a 12g.


            I'll have to try it on a 12gram, never have. It just doesn't seem to get that many games out of a 13ci tank.