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Halo Covers?

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    Halo Covers?

    What options are there for covers for Halos? I've seen the invert ones but that's it. I would have assumed there were more than just that.

    I've looked at the Omni covers, and I like the variety of colours, but they seem to be designed for more 'rotor shaped' loaders. Anyone know how well or if these fit Halos?

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    Why are you looking for a cover?

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      Mostly looks. Like I said, really like the colours on the Omni covers. Also to keep the shells from cracking from hits.

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        Here is an option for you then, it will be a little more expensive but be way cooler

        Pick up one of these two

        Top one is "quick release battery door" bottom is original

        Both these shells are nylon infused and much tougher than the original halos.

        Next, find an airbrush artist and tell them to go nuts, then either have them put a clear coat over it or do it yourself

        Finally, go mow faces with your awesome hopper

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          Editing a comment
          This is a good idea I hadn't considered. I have a couple Halos lying around in places unknown, this would be a good solution.