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Who makes this ASA

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    Who makes this ASA

    Trying to figure out if there's an oring I'm missing on this thing. I have two of these, one seals perfectly. I swapped the caps, fittings, and internals and have the same result. The other one I have leaks like a bastard from the body's purge (located where the tank threads are and my thumb in the photo) and top (where the pin that has the 003 orings is pushed down with the cap when threaded in). I replaced the 015/70 around the internal bit and the 006/70 the pin goes through and rests between the internal part and body housing. I replaced the 003/70 orings on the ends of the pin that the cap spins to engage the tank pin. I have some 15/90 urithane orings coming I am going to try next but I don't think that's gonna solve any of the leaking issues since it leaks from both sides of the body. What am I missing?

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    ASA fittings allow you to screw in a standard paintball tank and transfer the air to your paintball gun.

    New Designz Super Lite Center On/Off ASA

    Can't help you get it sealed though, good luck!