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Fixing Dings Cheap.

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    Fixing Dings Cheap.

    Not paintball, but I figured you guys might know.

    I recently bought a BB gun online on clearance, for a good price, but unknown to me I bought a returned gun and had some fairly major finish wear, but still perfectly functional.

    When I contacted the company asking for an exchange, I was informed that there were no more in stock, and that I'd have to get a refund. I do like this gun, and I likely won't be able to get it at this price again, so I'm thinking of just trying to refinish the worn areas.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for what to use? It's definitely not made of steel or anything magnetic. It might be paint, but I'm not sure, and I'd rather just touch up the worn areas than do a whole recoat.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Black sharpie and wipe off excess with old rag...👍
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      Clean it with some kinda pre paint prep stuff (or dont) and hit it with either matte or semi matte black rattle can rustoleum or literally any brand. It will look 100% new. But yeah that thing is definitely well used.


        Back when I was a gunsmith I'd touch up guys aluminum scopes with a sharpie when they had the gun in for a disassemble/clean/inspect. Done right it looks pretty good.

        In OP's case- a rattlecan of black barbeque paint might be called for. The matte finish should match well.


          Aluma Hyde II, black, cure in oven- low heat for four hours.
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            Thanks for the recommendations guys.

            I tried the sharpie, and I wasn't too impressed with the results.

            I've contacted the manufacturer to see if I can't either get a brand new one, or have the parts repaired or replaced professionally under warranty.

            If not, then I'll probably be doing a rattle can job.

            Thanks again for all the help.

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