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Shots per 9ci tank?

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    Shots per 9ci tank?

    My brain says it would be roughly 90, read one place say 40-60...I know mileage may vary depending on setup.

    Anyone have experience with these that can confirm? Or is a 13ci a better bet.
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    It really depends on what platform you are running. A 13ci will get you 1.44x as many shots as a 9ci, all things being equal. If you know how many shots your hypothetical setup gets on a 13ci then you can do the math for a 9ci shot count.

    Example: Gamma core markers get ~165-180 shots on a 13ci. So a 9ci could expect 114-125 shots on the same setup. What markers are in question, and how many shots do you need per fill?
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      I get 150 shots @280fps on a hot fill 9ci

      Tank reg is set to 825psi
      Clean lightly oiled CCI Phantom
      stock silver spring (valve & hammer)
      14” freak bore
      Good paint to bore match just barely rolls threw. (I let the ASP detents do there job)

      There is also a 10ci if you think you need a lil more.


        whoa 150 shots seems good to me.

        I just bought one of the Tippman 9ci tanks. Im planning on reviewing it as soon as I get to use it. Maybe this weekend


          What marker you put it on will effect efficiency. I think elevation plays a part as well. But the 9ci and 10ci. Bottles rock for stick feed markers especially when it gets to cold for 12g play.


            I think the rule of thumb is the following:
            4500 psi = 15 shots per CI
            3000 psi = 10 shots per CI