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First AutoMag

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    Originally posted by Alexndl View Post
    Also check AGD website

    My pic for this build would be
    or luke

    You can add Nummech feedneck amd use a lock feed

    Frame lot of choice but I like this one
    That's a pretty expensive build and you don't even have a valve in there.

    If you do a ULE body go used, chances are it will have a feedneck and detent already on it, you are looking at $200ish to go new (with feedneck and detent) or $100ish used

    While I don't know the price of that frame, the similar one they make for autocockers is $350, you can't easily double the price of this build with that alone.

    I mean if he has the money for it all and wants to do it sure but most people looking to try out mags or cockers are not looking for the $800 build on their first marker

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    • Alexndl


      Editing a comment
      Last automag frame run from Nummech was half the price of the cocker one since there is no regulator

      All those parts can be found use too depending on your budget but I rarely see long rail for sale or they are close to new price

    Originally posted by Jordan

    What the OP wants isn't feasible on a budget. If they just want to dip their toe into the Mag pool, they need to start with a powerfeed Classic valve gun for $150. They can always upgrade later.

    Otherwise you're looking at $300-500 for a ULE Mag with a .45 frame of some type, RT type rail, and Lvl10.
    What he wants is a vertical feed and maybe an extended rail, that's all he has mentioned.

    And if you think it can't be done on a budget, I did it. We are all making assumptions about wanting (requiring) a x valve and other nicer parts

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      Originally posted by Jordan

      Used ULE bodies are hitting $150... with AGD putting their prices up recently the used market is going up.

      Never mentioned an Xvalve, just lvl10.
      Right now superman is selling warp ULE bodies at $130 and those always go for more than the standard ones because there were not as many produced

      Also if ULE bodies are worth 150 then the OP should really jump on that ptp mag I posted above, if the body alone is worth 150 that means the ptp frame, rail, sear, asa and gas through are extremely undervalued at $100 together and he can part it out and get better parts.

      Regardless though, that ptp would be a pretty good starting point. If he wanted to go to an extended reach selling the rail and sear and moving to an extended rail with a RT pro sear (if needed) would accomplish that. Depending on the rail be chooses he will most likely not be over $300 and have his wish list mag to decide if he wants to leave it as is or keep building from there

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        Thanks for all the input so far! At the moment I'm just collecting information and trying to figure out what to look for & which direction to head in. Hopefully I can pick something up next spring though 😃
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