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13ci tank instead of regulator

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    13ci tank instead of regulator

    Hey this may sound stupid but I have a pre-2k autococker and a 13ci tank. Can I put the tank straight into the front block or would that put too much pressure through the marker?

    You need to regulate it down for an autococker most likely. Not sure how your LPR would like 800psi going straight to it. Pump you might get away with unregulated but you will need to find the right spring combo. It’s definitely not as easy as screwing the bottle in.

    There are a few options that would not add a much to the length and allow you to regulate input pressures and still run the bottle vertically.


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      Yea the standard output is 800psi but it's not adjustable. Luckily i'm using it as a pump but what ways do you recommend to run it vertically?

    if you used something like a ninja tank that was adjustable, and you had a reg tester to verify output, you could set it to 3-400 psi and ajdust the velocity via springing

    i know running a vertical co2 bottle on the old cockers was a thing, i also know the pre 2k's were a lot better equipped for a higher pressure input because of it

    the short answer is yes, but it depends on a few factors


      NINJA PRO V2 SLP SERIES Output is 300psi out of the box. I would change out the burst disks if you are going to put it on a 3k tank. Then spring it off the bottle pressure.

      You would need an adjustable tank reg and get the input pressure down close as possible to operating pressures.

      You run 800 direct I have know idea what kind of springs you would need but I imagine you would need some hefty springs to get velocity down.


        Properly sprung with the correct valve it will work fine.


          Like a palmers HP valve and matching spring combo.


            Originally posted by Jordan
            Regged setups are infinitely better than unregged.

            You will also have a hard time screwing the bottle into the vertical ASA - the grip frame is in the way and the fill nipple and gauge will hit.
            And one would need an ASA with a pin to open the valve.

            The gun would be fine- the LPR would still do its job- but., like others have said, you will need to change the valve and hammer springs.
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              Installed directly you won’t make velocity.

              The Palmer Low Turbulence valve would more or less fix the air issues. I have a ‘’99 cocker pump with vert CO2 so I know this from experience.

              If you can get it down to 300 psi or so you won’t have to change a thing internally. The WGP ASA won’t trigger the pin valve though and also your tank may not thread on because of trigger guard conflicts.

              This is all crap I went through when I decided regulators suck. You have to jump into it with both feet but the water is fine.


                The main issue is the vertical ASA may or may not let your screw it in directly depending on clearance and what kind of bolt it has, as Zeta mentioned.

                Best unregged gun is a tippmann, or a montneel z

                Otherwise with a cocker you still have an LPR why not also have an HPR and a tank reg ; )

                Did you know that a poppit valve is basically a regulator too?


                  You can get a CO2 tank with an on-off that is very small or specially cut (sort of hat shaped) to miss the trigger guard.