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Need Help: Using a compressed air tank to make an air sprayer/cleaner

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    Need Help: Using a compressed air tank to make an air sprayer/cleaner

    Alright guys I'm at a loss and I don't want to walk around a hose store/home depot mindlessly so I'm coming to ppl with more years of tech knowledge and wisdom for help

    What I want to make: I want to use a compressed air tank to supply a rig with an air sprayer to clean electronics, markers and other things..... Think of it as a 90ci "can of air" that you often see in offices to clean keyboards and stuff
    My plan/theory

    Get a ninja super low pressure regulator to get the output pressure as low as possible (can I remove all the shim from a stock reg for similar result). From there if the pressure isn't low enough run that to an additional regulator to get the pressure even further down. From that regulator run a hose to a spray air gun to clean whatever I'm working on that day.

    Any advice on adapters to get macro line to hook onto an air gun that can be used for the purpose I desire? Possibly a different type of hosing would be easier to adapt?

    Anyone ever built a rig like this before? Am I totally just sniffing up the wrong tree and am I overthinking the problem when there is a small sir compressor and gun set up that serves this purpose I could just buy off Amazon or something?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Standard output bottle to one of these:

    Then a 1/8" NPT coupler to 1/4" NPT. To one of these.


      I did a proof of concept here:

      I used parts I had laying around, you may need to source a few things.


        I just rigged up a manifold Max Flo with a tire fill kit, mainly for use off road after airing down my tires. A standard-output tank (800-900 psi) tank screws in, and I can get the output pressure down to the recommended tire pressure (35 psi). For the cost of the reg and the parts, I came out way ahead of the Stabilizer, and the Max Flo is about the easiest reg to work on.
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          I built something like that last year to fill car tires. Tank screws into an on/off asa. Asa has a plamers reg on the side. Reg goes to a coil hose then into a tire air gun. Theres gauges int he right spots. I have it regulated to about 125 psi out.

          I used the same setup to blow air out of my PC - it worked decent. If I were to use it more often for that purpose, I would probably find a way to have the air come out of a smaller hose (like MICROline or that thick walled macroline) so the air stream gives a harder focused blast.