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Value of New Autococker SR?

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    Value of New Autococker SR?

    I have an Autococker SR thats never seen play. Anyone have an idea of value?

    Its brand new, in the original soft padded factory case with manual etc... It's mint.

    Thanks for any thoughts

    That's tough, on one hand is a e cocker which are not hugely popular right now, but unused will definitely help you out.

    I think it will sell around $350 area. You may want to try listing at $400 and see if you get any bites. The Sr was never hugely popular, a lot of the parts were not standard cocker so you can't always use aftermarket parts on them.

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      Does the OLED screen still work?


        Thats a good question, I know it did then I first bought it. But I know they have issues - I'll pop a battery in and report back


          As expected I believe the screen has gone dead on this SR - like all the others out there.

          Marker powers on, power button illuminates, and the solenoid cycles fine. However the screen is not illuminated when powered up. My understanding is that it should be illuminated during normal operation, and thus the screen is dead on this one while the board its self does work.

          I can't remember the deal on the screens on the SR's - Was it that Virtue made them and it was a bad batch or model that outgassed quickly or something? It was just a matter of time where all the screens were going to die regardless of use?

          I have heard you can pop an E1/2 frame on these as a straight bolt-on. Which is nice


            Yeah, eBlade frames mount up fine: Click image for larger version

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              It’s blind, tho, right?

              Btw one of my biggest regrets ever in paintball was letting go of one of those new designz cocker frames.


                They have eyes - or, er, eye. It's under the side plate so it looks more hidden and sleek


                  One of the biggest issues I am aware of with these is common with almost every one you see up for sale. Those side panels are plastic and apparently time wasn't kind and are known to break. Not uncommon at all to see them up without those. The last one I saw was priced barely over $100 shipped and apparently working, but without those.