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Dye Dam Efficiency?

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    Dye Dam Efficiency?

    Curious what kind of efficiency I can expect from a Dye Dam. I have an 18ci I use for my pump setups. Just curious what kind of shot count I can expect.

    Think 120 shots it’s realistic. I plan on shooting strictly Zoom Dots. They seem to shoot a lil more efficient anyway.

    I've owned one for about 5-6 years now and efficiency is lacking. For big games I'm planning on running an FS 124ci even.

    I think it boils down to two reasons:

    1. The DAMs internals are ancient Dye speedball tech. The eyes are pretty much garbage too btw.
    2. The DAMs breach allows for a lot of air escape. That's why they had to release a new barrel carrier. Make sure you order this and their new breach/bolt tip.

    Its much better than the majority of garbage MFOG guns out there, but still not stellar. Should be able to get 5-6 mags off a 13ci though.


    • Chuck E Ducky

      Chuck E Ducky

      Editing a comment
      Sweet that’s all I need. I’m a SC nerd so 120 FS rounds should be more then I should need. I have the breach upgrade already and a Billy wing bolt. Do FS flip that often in the dam? I thought they feed pretty reliable.

    I haven't tried out the new breach. My DAM is sitting with Caustic Customs.

    It really depends on who you ask about reliability. For me its been hit and miss. Some events not a single flip. Other events it would be 1-2 sometimes even 3 flips per loadout. This NEW breach apparently fixes all of that... I'm suspending my disbelief before I test it myself.

    MG100 is still the undisputed champ of reliability I'm afraid.


      If I remember right the engine is based on the pmr so, 1200ish on a 68/45

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