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Palmers Pyre Question

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    Palmers Pyre Question

    Does the Palmer's Pyre have the same disassembly difficulties that the Palmers Super Stocker and Houndstooth have (I'm sure there are some other models that I'm missing)? What I mean by difficulties is needing to go to a machine shop to have the VASA removed so that you can do a full rebuild. I forgot what the type of machinery is that is required to do it but upon googling them a while back, I remember that they aren't exactly cheap.

    The reason I ask is that I like Palmer's markers and am thinking about having them potentially build a Pyre or Lance pump, but I'm concerned about the user serviceability. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to completely service the marker, just like on a standard Autococker pump (CCM, Empire, WGP, etc) without having to send it into Palmers for a rebuild. Is that a possibility with the Palmers Pyre/Lance or not so much? The side-mounted Stabilizer on the Pyre also concerns me when it comes to serviceability.

    I'll admit that I could also be poorly informed on this VASA removal issue and will happily stand corrected if that's the case. Either way, thank you for your time and expertise MCB.

    I've removed my SS's VASA before and while it's a pain in the ass it wasn't impossible. I believe the Pyre is a bit more user-friendly, but I don't own one so I can't confirm.
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      Pyre's are easily serviceable by the user [given you take reasonable care] no worse then a Sniper II with Reg maintenance included. The Reg is built into the body and is essentially an integral Stabilizer so if you can do maintenance on a Stab you'll be good. I've had my Pyre since 2008 and have only had to do a rebuild once on the complete marker and twice on the reg {this includes the full marker rebuild}. Other then that it is just keep it clean and add a drop or two of oil into the asa before a day of play is all it really needs. Like any marker they do best with regular use and regular use of air tool oil (synthetic). The first Reg rebuild and the complete marker rebuild was after extended period of the marker sitting. I suspect if I had kept using it through those times I'd not have needed to do either.
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