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T-stock, is it worth it?

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    T-stock, is it worth it?

    So, somehow, stupid old T/L-stocks are both rare and expensive these days... used to be $20/shipped, now they are somehow well over $50.

    Like come on, genius, are they THAT much harder to make these days? Barstock aluminum isn't THAT much more expensive (greedy @$$holes)...

    Anyways, I want to use an Evil Scion bottomline/tank regulator and a 22ci tank, under a stock, on my pump Omen project. Existing stocks don't exactly offer a lot of options, and they seem to be more expensive than I want to pay for a generic T/L stock.

    So, instead of buying an expensive used one, is it worth it to have one made to fit my exact requirements?

    Do people like their stocks once they commit to using one? I don't want to go down this rabbit hole if people that have them don't even use them...

    What's better? T or L? I play fast and tight... elbows in, marker to the chin, type tight... so I am thinking L-stock because it seems lower... allowing me to see over the marker. But I don't know the difference, honestly. Sucking everything up behind a bunker, though, the higher position (yet lower profile) of an T-stock might be preferred.

    Am I understanding this correctly? Both attach to the bottom of the pistol grip, right? So, naturally, the L-stock puts the entire marker lower, right?

    Do people even like stocks anymore?
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    I really like my CCI t-stock on my phantom. its easy to adjust the length and once you set the length it doesnt slip or push itself in. It's also pretty comfy. And its easy to shoot the gun with one hand when you're laying down prone. I have trouble hitting anything without the stock or a tank. If you already have a good setup where you can use your tank as a stock its not a big deal. But I'm really liking my stock in a VSC setup with a 9ci tank. Very light


      Wish I had known. Left a couple of these sitting on a table at the local field.


        My favorite setup to use is the fixed stock from the CCI “L” stock with the T stock back so it’s a fixed “T”

        But I use a bunch of different ones. Carter L Stocks are really nice. Doc just did a run of his style L stocks that looked really good as well. They are not super complicated but Doc and Carter refine the stock a lil more then your basic home brew bar stock job. Even CCI are a lot nicer then just a piece of bent aluminum.

        You could make one fairly cheap if you can find material cheap especially if you just bend some metal and drill a few holes with basic hand tools. By the time you are done making one and sending it out to ano. (Unless you can do that to or choose to just leave it raw) It’s much more convenient and cheaper just to buy one already made. Especially if you want it finished nicely.

        Arrow gun sells $30 +\- stocks that are basically your standard home brew quality that are already anodized. Can’t see myself making one cheaper then that. Even if I find the material for free. Especially after anodizing. They sell drop stocks to if you want one you can still attach a tank to. But with a 22ci I don’t know why your not just getting a tank butt. That 22ci is longer them most stocks.


          I’m reverse of chuck, I love the telescopic cci stock with an L instead of a t. Better shoulder placement and length for my ape arms. The lapco stocks are great too. Cost as much new as some of the used ones go for these days, but come with the asa as well


          • Chuck E Ducky

            Chuck E Ducky

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            I have an L stock back in gloss black you can have remind me next time we play.

          • AnarchicArctic


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            Word, thanks brother

          good call on the arrow gun stocks I hadn't heard of them before. $20 for the budget L stock you cant go wrong with that


            I just ordered from airowgun despite warnings about lack of security. Paid with paypal so no info was entered to them directly.

            Its + 10 shipping on any of those stocks. I will let you all know if they still got em. I ordered a standard T stock with the holes in gloss black.


              I ordered from them about 3 months ago they shipped and delivered just fine.


                Doc's P stock is phenomenal. With it the placement of the marker is perfect. Here's one on one of my 'mags:

                Click image for larger version

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                  T or L stock is personal preference. I personally can't stand L stocks as I feel like they are constantly slipping/sliding around. Whereas the T stock kind of locks into your armpit/shoulder area. As far as accuracy, the only way I can aim a stock class setup pump is with a stock, it provides stability so I can get a line of sight.


                    I hate stocks. Wobbly and free for me!
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                      I live by stocks on my guns! Also for the price now I’d get some straight aluminum and some other bits and 3D print the rest.
                      Also I think Doc still sells stocks (and the one I have from him is just perfect, sometimes just slightly different than some of my others but it always locks in.


                        I finally got an L-stock for my Phantom and I’m a HUGE fan of the way it shoulders now...nice and low and very “natural”

                        I didn’t pay $50 for it, but I’d gladly pay that for another for my 2nd Phantom. I’m currently modifying the stock to handle a 13ci tank below for when I need/want one.

                        Opinions are like @$$holes, by my vote is for getting one fit to your liking!!!
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                          As may come as little surprise, I love stocks. They're not a "requirement", but a properly-designed and fitted one makes the gun more comfortable to shoulder and shoot, and makes my pumps more stable for a better shot.

                          AND... since I have a pretty fair collection of markers- at least three - stocks can help each one 'shoulder' the same way, making it easier to swap between even drastically different guns, yet still have them shoot fairly close to the same point of aim.

                          No, I won't say they're for everyone- and not even all of my guns have one. I have some with fixed tanks on various drop-forwards, some have screw-ins on rails, etc.

                          But I will say, that all of my favorites, have stocks.

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