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Autococker SR into a pneu-cocker...

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    Autococker SR into a pneu-cocker...

    Has anyone done it?

    I have a mostly complete A/C SR and wgp Trilogy SF frame. Thinking it would be a fun project to get them together into a kick butt mech gun.

    My parts bin is overflowing with all sorts of wgp front end pnuematics, the only thing I'm missing is the pneu switch.

    Anyone here built a pneu-Cocker before?

    Someone want to help me out tinkering and assembling for $?
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    First thing I would check is if you can even mount a 3 way. From what I remember the Sr was built as a e frame only.

    Second thing, not as critical, is the frame mounts, again, it's been a while but I think the mount spacing may be different than other cockers.

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      I've built a couple, and badger has a great writeup floating around the Interwebs.

      You'll need a 3way in the classic position though, for the SF frame to work.

      Frame spacing is the same.
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        The simplest way to do it would probably be to have the SR body mini'ed. Ive never seen an SR in person, but from what Ive read the banjo bolt isnt centered on the body, so having it mini'ed would be the simplest way to use a standard pneumatics set up.


          Originally posted by Jordan View Post
          I've built a couple, and badger has a great writeup floating around the Interwebs.
          It can be found over at my CC link:


            it needs to be mini'd and machined for a normal 2k cocker front banjo/block. the front block screw isnt centered and the sr front bock isnt use-able for mech or regular cocker parts.
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              Originally posted by badger View Post
              Link doesn't work, unfortunately.

              But.... this one might. (Same thread, just linked differently?)