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Picked up a gearbag sale, pretty lost on values

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    Picked up a gearbag sale, pretty lost on values

    Hey everyone, I picked up a guys whole gear bag on the assumption that I’d be able to resell for a gain. Unfortunately these ones are kind of out of my wheelhouse and two of them I’m having trouble finding anything on. Hoping to get some rough estimates, particularly for the Angel ARK and the Bob Long.

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    The ARKs are a bit of a collectors item, I recently saw one go for $670 shipped, but it came with a bunch of extras.
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      Depending on the overall condition of the Infamous Victory you could probably get $3-350 for it. I'm not sure about the other stuff.
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        Thanks guys, those are the two that I was most unsure about. At least I have some sort of starting point now. The fun part will be to get all 4 running with only 2500 psi in a 45ci tank.


          The ARK could go for as high as ~$1000, according to sales I have seen on the FB Angel pages. I would not attempt to sell it anywhere else than there or eBay if you have time to wait. Angels have a very niche collector market.

          I agree with the above assessment on the BL marker. FFO does repairs and such on them as I understand but have heard some pretty bad local stories about their service and time frame. I believe it has hurt the market on them a bit to all but diehard enthusiasts.

          DM 9/10 is sub $200 and that is according to eye pipe. The last I owned one the proper eye pipe was nearly impossible to find. I am not sure if stock of those has been replenished or not.

          I "think" that Axe is the generation that all the Inception bodies fit. They don't have great resale even WITH it, IMO, as I see them regularly selling along with for ~$300 and sub 2 w/o.

          As a side note, if you were of a thought to keep an Angel, the ARK was (among) the last, and was a good marker as they brought production back home. It was too little too late and parts may be REALLY hard to find for it.


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            That’s some awesome news about the angel. I’m tackling the DM11 first, because I’m most familiar with them. Hopefully the angel is complete, though there is a gap and I can see the ram, which is probably not a great sign.