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What is your Preferred Spring Combo in An Ebladed Autococker?

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    What is your Preferred Spring Combo in An Ebladed Autococker?

    Despite owning a decent number of autocockers I rarely play around with the springs. Once something shoots reliably I tend to leave it alone.

    My WGP Worrlock with a Front block volumizer, a Shocktech Rat valve (With whatever spring it came with new), and the hammer that came stock on the marker sweet spots at 300 psi. It shots reliably but even with the IVG about 4 threads into the body it only shoots about 270fps and I’d like to reliably get into the 285-290fps range.

    I’m reluctant to go further in on the IVG because I don’t want To have to keep increasing the LPR just to get the marker to reliably re-cock because it seems like the higher you get on the LPR the prone the cocking solenoid is to leaks.

    So long story short I’m thinking about swapping in a red valve spring and raising the inline pressure to wherever it sweet spots (maybe 350-400psi?).

    Before I go through the hassle of swapping it, does anybody see any problems with that theory.

    Also I’m curious, what is everybody’s favorite spring combo on their eblades?

    Stock springs


      Springs that make it work reliably

      I run a MQ2 cocker, so I don't actually have any of the springs you are talking about on my own personal cocker but i run the LPR pretty high because it's a paint slinging monster, if you are having leaks through the noid is most likely your ram that is the problem.

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        Seriously. I have tried all sorts of spring combos over the years and just ended up back at stock springs with two turns in if the IVG and pressure set to 300psi or so.


          You're doing it backwards. You'd want a lighter valve spring, not heavier. Alternatively, swap out the hammer for a Shocktech Phat hammer, which weighs a bit more than the stock hammer. Add in the matching shocktech hammer, and it should work very well.

          Switching to a WGP valve would be good too, but probably more work than just swapping the hammer.



            Opened it up and it turns out the springs on the inside were a blue valve spring and a red main spring.

            Magmoormaster was right on the dot. I swapped the valve spring out for a green, and the main spring out for a green.

            Now the marker sweet spots at about about 275psi and about 3 threads in on the IVG (I suspect swapping out to a blue Main spring would get Pretty close to flush). The last three shots were 292fps, 292fps, 288fps.

            Not to mention since the LPR isn’t overcoming that beast of a red main spring anymore I was able to drop the LPR quite a bit. It’s hard to quantify, but the marker feels noticeably smoother and faster.

            As far as time tinkering goes - this time was well spent!