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Phantom Frame Selection

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    Completely subjective, as Grendel said. Here are my opinions of the frames I've used:
    CCI stock 45deg grip frame - I actually hate it. Something about the feel of it is uncomfortable and messes up my aim.
    RTR frame from the first batch of gargoyles - used on the gargoyle and on my modified phantom: thought it was great. It has a noticeably different angle on the bottom, relative to the frame, so your muscle memory will be thrown way off.
    Indian Creek Designs 45deg frame I found in a parts bin - Hands down my favorite by feel. It has Indian Creek engraved down the back of it. I don't know what it is about this thing, but it feels amazing and has been a part of my primary rig since ~2005.
    Paintball Selection and Storage - How to make your niche paintball part idea.

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