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Have an Tippman SL-68 in original wood crate, worth anything?

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    Have an Tippman SL-68 in original wood crate, worth anything?

    Hello, over 20 years I found at a garage sale a Tippmann SL-68 in the original wood crate. It is missing the ball hopper. I have no idea if it works, but it seems old. I am cleaning out the basement and forgot I even had it. Does anyone know if this is worth anything? Thanks for your help

    Its also one of the desirable early versions with the metal pump.
    I remember painting the box of my SL-68 to look like the wood crate... lol.


      This looks like something Indiana Jones would find in an old military warehouse.... and then go play paintball with!
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        I have no idea what it’s worth, But That is super cool!


          This is worth something, but how much exactly is hard to tell
          This is more collector and nostalgia piece

          basic Sl68 without crate, between $60 and $100 depending on condition? (Look like very good condition)

          ​​​​How much the crate add up this is the big question, but its a really nice kit
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            Originally posted by blcthecpa View Post
            It is missing the ball hopper.
            I may have an ammo box that should fit in the cutout, let me know if you want me to look.
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              I swear someone just posted asking about one of these, but maybe it was on Facebook. I think the consensus was cool and worth a little more to the right collector, but not crazy valuable or anything.


                I'm gonna make a guess here because these don't come up very often... $175-225 to the right collector?

                You're not getting rich but it's definitely a premium over the gun alone

                ​​​​​​Missing hopper not a big deal, looks like an Ammo Box, those aren't too hard to find
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