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PGP Problems

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    PGP Problems

    I picked up this older PGP a couple months ago. It was pretty filthy when I got it so I took it apart to clean and tried reassembling it with no luck. Any tips on putting the pump rod back into the bolt? It was pretty difficult to remove, and seems impossible to put back together.

    The easiest way I know is to pull the bolt back all the way to cocked position and then pull cocking rod past the bolt end and eye ball it so the rod end is in position with bolt hole..
    now grap the rod and pull up to clear the bolt and back to align with hole.. may have to flex the rod a bit but it will drop in...

    try not to bend the rod just flex it.. if you bend the rod just remove from the marker with pump handle attached and you can bend straight easily...
    hope this helps...


      You kind of have to bend the pump rod ...
      it should flex a bit, just enough to slip the L end into the hole in the bolt.
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        You just have to bend the rod away from the bolt until you can get the get the bent end in the hole. It helps to have the gun cocked so the bolt is as far back as it'll go. Wiggle and push and whack and wiggle some more. There isn't really an elegant way to do it, you just make it happen.
        That's a converted PG too, BTW. It started life with no pump.


          I assume you are putting it together as shown. I don't know if your PGP would have a set screw in the bolt but check that and also makes sure there are no burrs on the inside of the hole.

          Two things to try:
          1. Unscrew the rod from the pump handle one revolution and that may give you a bit more play in the rod.
          2. Take the frame off and the bolt out. Put rod into bolt and reassemble the gun with the rod already in the bolt.