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    Gun ID

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Name:	7B6CEA73-789A-41B2-8FE1-80E6B284D056.jpeg
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ID:	74493What is the third gun?

    First is a 98 with cyclone
    Second is a Spyder TL-R
    Third is ?!
    Forth is Tagmaster Traccer

    add mentions a Lonestar pistol but another photo has some sort of airsoft-style pistol in it.
    Cuda's Feedback

    A lot of the time people label guns that have M16 grips as 'Lonestar' or 'stowaway' because that is the branding on the grips and is the only writing on it.

    I'm not sure what the gun is, but the trigger looks like a slider¿ There's something similar in the back room of a local field.

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      CMI AutoHog???


        Whole package is asking $150 CAD with 2 spectra masks and some other crap, so not a bad price.
        Cuda's Feedback


          Tracer? Missing the pump handle

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            At $150 CAD I dont know why you are waiting
            the 98 with the cyclone and tank worth the $150 alone
            tracer $60
            Spyder at least $40

            The other one look nice, probably a nelson type pump without handle (USI raider?), I would be curious enough to buy the package


              Diablo, missing the pump handle.


              • glaman5266


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                This was my thought as well.

              • Paintzapper
                Paintzapper commented
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                I second this, def a standard diablo pump that is missing the pump handle. I believe a traccer pump handle fits.

              • Cdn_Cuda


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                Awesome, thanks for the help! Now the hunt begins.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	74517A55-840A-4DE6-98E0-1B44DDF29294.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	137.3 KB ID:	74847

              Tippmann 98 ACT with cyclone and stock (now works)
              PMI Trracer Tagmaster (leaks down barrel)
              Spyder TL-X (works)
              Ricochet Apache in great condition
              and The last one that has the Lone Star grips and removable barrel (works)
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              Cuda's Feedback


                I have a Trracer pump if you want a cheap one and located in canada
                got a back slide kit from ReconSWS so wont need the original pump
                or you can make it lever action
                let me know


                  Thanks Alexndl! I have been checking out the Recon slides as well, looks like pretty nice stuff! Although I’ve always wanted to build a lever action gun as well.
                  Cuda's Feedback


                    Lever action would be a really nice project!

                    If you are looking for one for your trracer in the picture, both recon slide design are great for the price
                    Top is recon slide
                    Bottom is back slide with freak back fake supressor
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210103_225852.jpg
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Size:	132.7 KB
ID:	75287