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JT Google Frame ID

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    JT Google Frame ID

    Click image for larger version

Name:	3A309F7D-C14A-4194-A95F-103C41522650.jpeg
Views:	463
Size:	94.3 KB
ID:	80037 Click image for larger version

Name:	38EB0D48-D71C-439C-8DC6-3630E85B8533.jpeg
Views:	358
Size:	85.1 KB
ID:	80036 Click image for larger version

Name:	CB907F1C-A576-4961-A965-8E85951A5700.jpeg
Views:	410
Size:	134.4 KB
ID:	80035

    I have 4 pairs of JT Spectras. Of the 4 pairs I have, there are 3 different Google frames. Two frames are thinner, with the classic style JT logo and one has the new JT logo with just letters. The other two masks have thinner frames with the classic JT logo.

    can anyone educate me on the differences? I know some JT frames are more desired than others but I have no idea which.

    Cuda's Feedback

    Thin frames are more desirable.

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      The way the pictures are lined up correspond with the era of JT, from oldest to newest; oldest to newest is also generally most desirable to least desirable. The last pic is of GI era frames.


        3 generations of frames. Top two are pre Kee. “Thin frame” “banana logo” “post kee” values depends on foam condition.

        I always preferred the older thin framed goggles.


          What are the approx values of these generations now. More value in complete mask or parted?

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            Have to see the rest of it condition plays a big part in value. It also depends on where are you sell it. There is a large BookFace tax on anything JT.

            Very few Proshields are worth a lot. “Pig nose” the ones with the extra holes in the upper portion of the shield bottoms, and the special color ones are collectible. Pre kee is more desirable and better made. Lens look toast and are clear so that’s a big part of the value. Replacements are super expensive now. Hard ears while my favorite are the least expensive to buy.

            They are probably worth about $45 it’s not worth parting them because it’s all super common JT parts. Shipping would kill any profit.


              Thanks for all the info. Helps with pricing. I’m up North shipping is generally makes things too expensive to ship anyways. I’ll likely keep the best quality one and my secret Santa got me a brand new JT lens. Usually I just throw the masks in to sweeten up deals for guns.
              Cuda's Feedback


                They are great masks to have and still one of the best masks on the market. I would throw in a New lens and use em. I keep some around for when I talk my friends into playing that don’t have gear.


                  I’ve got a bunch of masks for lending as well. A Grill, an E-flex, and E-vent, a profiler and the 4 spectra, of which I’ll keep two. I think masks are honestly the best piece of loaner equipment. If you can’t see, paintball is not fun.
                  Cuda's Feedback


                    Exactly I got a bunch of my non-paintball friends to come out and play for my Bachelor party. I outfitted like 10 people with masks. It was funny because people were coming up to them trying to buy them because it was most of my Flex collection. They see rentals with a $400 flex and the vultures start to circle. lol

                    I always tell new players to get a good mask when they ask what marker to buy first. It’s hands down the most important piece of equipment. It’s hard to enjoy your day when you can’t see what you are shooting at.