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GX CS3 PCP Air Compressor

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    GX CS3 PCP Air Compressor

    I got this for Christmas and it's a great little guy but recently it just stopped filling tanks. Everything sounds and runs normal but it isn't pushing much air at all.

    It is acting like the pressure release knob isn't tightened but it is in fact tightened. I also noticed that when I release the pressure there is far less gas released than when this thing is operating normally. I can easily pull the fill line off the tank without using the release valve.

    There must be a leak somewhere but I can't find it because of all the noise, also all fittings appear to be super tight.

    I'm not sure if anyone has used these here but any clues on what might have shaken loose?

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    Note: Sorry for video quality, it's 33 degrees and raining here and I couldn't get the fog off the lense.

    Updating this old thread in case someone comes along because I can't be the only person that bought this thing.

    If it does what my post described, the manufacturer will take it back via Amazon refund. I refunded mine with days to spare and now I have a GX whatever that works, at least for now.


      Not familiar with that particular pump but your symptoms could easily be shot piston seals. Basically on the compression stroke the pressure is leaking from the high side of the piston to the low side. Compressors require regular rebuilding typically

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        Yep, that would make sense. However I lack the skills to take something like this apart, any compressor really, so sending back via Amazon was the easiest thing to do.


          Not familiar with that exact compressor but have owned a few yong heng pcp compressors. There is a 2 stage piston, a low pressure piston and a smaller high pressure booster piston, the rings that seal it are plastic and will wear out over time and will stop making pressure, especially if it over heated at some point. Can replace the seals or the whole piston, although I'm not sure if parts are readily available for that model like they are for the yong heng.
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