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Best Home Compressors for filling HPA tanks?

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    Best Home Compressors for filling HPA tanks?

    I've been thinking about pulling the trigger to buy a home compressor solution for filling HPA tanks. I have seen and heard of some cheap ebay/harbor freight type options and I know there's a more expensive unit called the Shoebox from Tom Kaye's company. What is everybody using and what's the most reliable option out there? I'd be doing occasional tank fill for me and my kids, nothing high volume or field like. Thanks in advance.

    From what I've read I believe a scuba tank & fill station is the best option for most folks, at least assuming you have a dive shop nearby. Otherwise there was some talk in this thread about the same basic thing:
    cellophane's feedback


      Just saw this the other day. Expensive but I am thinking about it. No water buckets or real maintenance. Not sure how fast it would fill either. I will probably wait until someone else gets it and reviews it.

      I have a scuba tank but if this works for 4500 fills and is decently fast I could justify it.
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        Depending on how often you plan to need a fill, a hand pump might be a good option for you. Obviously if you plan to run tanks down and need fills fairly immediately (ie between games) then it's not going to be for you.

        I'm planning on using this to fill tanks for limited paint outlaw games. If you set aside a few minutes a day for pumping over the course of a week, you can easily fill a few tanks in time for the weekend. You can also do periodic recharges throughout the day to prolong the tanks.

        Takes about 1000 pumps to fill a 48/3000 and 250-300 to fill a 13/3000. 3500 psi is the max fill pressure. For $60 I think it's a pretty good deal.

        You also may want to look into oil/water filtration for the airline.

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          Check with an industrial or food grade "air" supply nearby. You would be surprised at how inexpensive it is to rent a tank and air fill regulator.


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            Yup, I kept a 6000psi N2 tank in my shop for years. Only got rid of it because I had easy access to a paintball field that does not charge for fills.

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            We rent two (nitrogen) tanks and a regulator from Airgas and it is STUPID inexpensive.

          I wonder how this will do


            Originally posted by nobbie333 View Post
            That looks like a pretty solid unit. Might be worth a shot at that price point.


              From what I've been seeing around the webz, all those sub-~$500 Chinese 4500k options on Amazon are what you would expect- most of them will not hold up to serious use. You might get lucky, but you probably won't.
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                ive been looking for a decent compressor as well. most of them are all china, even the better brand ones seem to be a china compressor with a different shell/name on it at a higher price. anyone found a good one? i was wanting to buy an omega supercharger but cant seem to find them anymore and they are like 1k


                  Yeah the shoebox compressor was the best, combined with a cheap home compressor or whatever, for home use.

                  I think the shoebox is closed down and you may have to get chinese bootlegs only now sadly.


                    I think a bauer jr is a good one for smaller uses. They are like 2500 dollars or somewhere around there. Maybe 3500.

                    They make breathable air though so the quality is good .


                      Originally posted by Cunha View Post
                      I think a bauer jr is a good one for smaller uses. They are like 2500 dollars or somewhere around there. Maybe 3500.

                      They make breathable air though so the quality is good .
                      Agree that Bauer is probably the best option but I can get a lot of fills at my local shop for that. Somewhere with a $500-900 options is something that's actually more affordable that's still good quality.


                        That is why the shoebox was so perfect. It filled that gap. Now you get either scuba tank fills and deal with that, or spend way more money for a bauer or something along those lines.

                        If tom axed the shoebox maybe the china shoeboxes are pretty OK if you fix the parts that break on them.


                          I have 2 yong heng Chinese compressors, can be had for about $300 on sale. They are great they have supplied all the air for our outlaw field for 4 years no issues. Just have to keep them cool.

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                            Do you have a link to the yong heng units you've used?

                            They run in conjunction with a regular shop compressor? Do they have any kind of dryer or is it relatively wet air? Not sure if that is a big deal or not.

                            Is it this?

                            Do you fill scuba or paintball tank direct? How long does it take? I see they can't run for more than 30 minutes. I think the shoebox would run like all night so maybe these operate differently?

                            Love the info.