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Eblade board

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    Eblade board

    Who makes this board and can I get a replacement screen?

    To answer your first question Tadao Yakuza.... Second question no idea


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        Really really doubtful on getting a screen alone. Hard enough to find the board these days

        Your best bet is probably a sci-fi board

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          As long as everything else works, it can be revived! You'll never have an oled screen again. The vendor who created the oled module used by Tadao stopped producing that part years ago. Tadao made a band aid around the time they shut down. They made a daughterboard with a multi-colored led that replaced the oled. They haven't made them in years, but they still have the firmware available on their website and you have a usb port so you can flash it!

          Now, you'll need an led board, which Tadao has not made in years. However, I have reverse engineered the led board and have made a bunch of them over the years for other yakuza boards. I do not have the female sockets that the cocker boards use for their screens, but I can get them (the other boards use male pins and have the sockets on the main board). I just build them on green prototype board, so they are not the prettiest thing in the world, but they do work.

          If you'd be interested in going this route, shoot me a message and we can probably work something out. I never like to see old parts go to waste!


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          New question. Anyone ever put the eblade guts into a single trigger frame? If so, which one?